Prep School Uniform

Boys are expected to be in full uniform (not summer uniform) on the first day. We expect boys to look smart, take care of their appearance and ideally return with a suitable haircut which is described in our school rules as ‘neat and tidy and of an acceptable style (not below the ears or collar, off the face and not over the eyes) and a uniform length, and any form of dyeing or use of hair gel etc. is unacceptable.’ A reminder please, to ensure all school kit is named. White shirts are only worn at formal events such as the Carol Services or House Singing, or when representing the school, for example at an away fixture.

Programme for the first day

Registration starts at 8.35am and will take place in your son’s tutor room. If you are not sure where to go, there will be plenty of teachers around in the morning and you should ask them. The first period will be a tutor period which will allow tutors to distribute prep diaries, run through timetables and explain where lessons take place, remind boys of our expectations, give timings of music lessons and bus timings, and check boys have the correct equipment. For new boys it will be a chance to reunite with their buddy, or be allocated one if they haven’t already. We don’t expect boys to get everything right on the first day, and encourage them to ask if they have a question.

Pick-up and Drop off

As usual, please note that cars are not permitted in the Prep School in the morning, although are able to pick up in the evening at 4pm. Please drive very carefully on site. We would like to politely remind you that there is no supervision in school until 8am so boys should not be on the estate then. If you need to drop off earlier than 8am, we do run a day plus service, which allows you to drop off at the boarding house at 7.30am where your son will join the boarders for breakfast. If you wish to take up this option, please communicate with our boarding Housemaster, Mr Lincoln at


Please can you ensure that if your son is catching a bus to or from school, he is aware of the bus number and the name of the company providing this service.

On the first day back, all new boys catching a bus home will be accompanied to the bus stop by a member of staff so it is essential that the school has the correct information.


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