Sports Day will go ahead, at the Bedford Athletics Stadium, for boys only. Even though we are now allowing parents to watch cricket fixtures, we still unfortunately cannot allow parents to watch Sports Day, due to the enclosed nature of the stadium and the size of the gathering.  Whilst it won’t be the same without our parents, at least the boys will get the opportunity of competing at the stadium.

Boys in Y3-6 will go in the morning and Y7 and Y8 boys will go in the afternoon. They will eat either before or after their session in the dining halls and they are welcome to bring healthy snacks too. They should also bring a bottle of water. They may bring a book to read while they are waiting to compete. All boys should come to school in their PE kit (white House PE shirt, white shorts, white socks and trainers.) If it’s hot they should apply sun cream before they leave for school and wear a cap. We hope they enjoy the day.

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