All boys who play instruments have been auditioning in class to be in the annual PS Music Competition, which is taking place during the day on Friday 25th May in the Quarry Theatre. Around 6-10 boys from each instrumental category will be selected to enter the competition which will be at the following times:


Year 3 and 4                                       Periods 1 and 2

Year 5 and 6                                       Periods 3 and 4

Year 7 and 8                                       Periods 5 and 6

Singing and percussion                  Periods 7 and 8


Boys will be notified at the beginning of next week whether they have been selected to play in the competition and their year group will be there to watch them perform. Parents are also welcome to come along to the Quarry theatre to watch. Could boys performing please remember to wear a white shirt and to bring their instrument, music and accompaniment on Friday 25th May.

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