As per the document above, boys are allowed to come to school with a school rucksack or school book bag, but are not allowed to carry items around school in rucksacks (they can leave them in their locker). We have found that wearing a rucksack around school encourages boys to carry far too much weight on their backs, and are cumbersome (and have caused accidents in the past) in stairways and corridors. However, now that boys in Y5-8 have to have a device, they are  welcome to carry their device in a laptop sleeve/case or in their school book bag. The school shop, No Limitz, now offers two school branded options as a solution (which can be seen in the links below). If you wish, you are able to order these from now on. It is perfectly acceptable for boys to bring their own laptop sleeve or case if they wish.  
Laptop Case
Laptop Bag

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