10 DECEMBER 2018

Subject: Saturday Morning Timetable (Mrs Idle)
Notice: Boys are reminded that it is Saturday Morning Timetable tomorrow and that they should ensure they bring the correct books for their lessons.  Tutor Group will take place as usual.

Subject: Reading Challenge Interim Results (Mrs Harrison)
Notice: Currently the leading Tutor Groups are Mr Peters,  Mrs Philpot,  Mr Hopton  and Mr Wallace with St Cuthbert’s taking the lead. The total is currently 850 so please do remember to record your holiday reading when you return to school in January. We are aiming for 1500 by the end of next half term when the competition ends.

Subject: Aviation Society (Marco Ip)
Notice: The Aviation Society will be meeting today at 4:30pm outside the CCF department. All are welcome.

Subject: Year Group Assembly (Mrs Idle)
Notice: The Year Group Assembly on Wednesday is for the Fifth Form and is in the EMH.



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