On Tuesday 29th September at 1.20pm, we would encourage boys to watch “Games and Waves” (virtual show)

The host of the first talk is Ben Sparks. Ben is a mathematician, a musician, and a speaker. He gives talks and workshops around the works on the beauty and magic of mathematics, and often performs songs with his guitar as part of the show. He is based at the University of Bath and also works with the Advanced Maths Support programme around the UK. He is a big fan of imaginary numbers and Geogebra, and if his face is familiar, you might have seen him on YouTube’s Numberphile channel.

Details of how to watch are below. If you are unable to watch live, then you can watch a recording for up to 7 days after the live show.


Link to show

Interactive site for submitting answers

Your School Access Code is: BED1 – you will need this for interaction.


The show itself will start promptly at 1:30pm, but there will be pre-show puzzles and shout-outs from 1:15pm.  We will finish at 3pm

When your students log in they will be asked for their name, their school access code, and “any extra student details” which can be anything else you want them to enter to help track them, such as a student number. Or they can leave it blank.

All viewers will have a chance to play a lottery during the show. The three viewers who win the lottery at the end of the show will each receive a £30 Amazon voucher (sent to their school), and their school will win a selection of signed books by Maths Inspiration presenters for the school library.

In order for us to identify winners of the lottery, students submitting lottery numbers will need to identify their school, and a name by which the student can be uniquely identified. 


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