From next week we are going to trial a new system in the Prep School when a boy receives a bump to the head which requires treatment. This system works well in other schools and will hopefully ensure effective communication between staff in school as well as between school and home.


When a boy receives treatment for a head bump in school, he will be issued with a red paper wristband. The wristband will display the boy’s name, the date and the time of the incident and a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ relating to whether or not they should be taking part in sports activities.  It is hoped that the wristband will provide an additional prompt to parents (and staff in school) that the boy has had a head bump. It should be worn for 48 hours.


In addition to the application of the wristband, the following procedure will be followed by the school nursing team:

  1. A text message (or email in the absence of a mobile phone number) will be sent to the boy’s primary carer, alerting them of the injury
  2. Head bump guidance (describing the signs and symptoms to be aware of following a head bump) will be emailed to parents
  3. Prep School teachers will be sent an email alerting them to the injury


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the medical centre.


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