Please see below attachments showing the book return dates, who to return the books to and where they can be found.  You are welcome to return your books before this date but there will be some days when members of staff are be out of school, so please try and contact your teachers to confirm they will be in.

Please be aware all books need to be returned by FRIDAY 30TH JUNE.

Any GCSE books not received by this date will be blue billed.

No credit will be paid for any IB or A Level books returned after this date.

Book Return Forms are available from the Bell Room or you can print one off from the attachment below.

Please be aware that books have to be returned to the departments.  The Bell Room will not accept any books.

IB2 Book Return Day

A Level and GCSE Book Returns Day

IB2 Book Return Form

A Level Book Return Form

GCSE Book Return Form

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