GCSE Results Day Procedures


A summary of the programme for Results Day and the support services available is given below.


  1. Results will be released via the Pupil Portal soon after 6 a.m. on Thursday 23 August* (Pupil Profile > My Public Exams > View My Examination Results)
  2. Heads of Department will be available via email from 9 a.m. to assist with any questions or give advice as required.
  3. Mrs Martin-Merchant (Exams Officer) will be available in the Great Hall from 9 a.m. to assist with review of marking requests*.
  4. Mrs Lincoln (Head of UCAS and Careers) will be available from 9 a.m. off the Great Hall to assist with any 6th Form subject option questions and how they might link to careers.
  5. Mr Baldock (the new Deputy Head, Academic), Mr Montgomery (Director of Teaching and Learning) and the Head Master will be available from 9 a.m. in School to assist with any further questions or concerns.


All these staff, and Heads of Department, will be contactable via email in the days following the release of results should you have any questions, and will endeavour to respond as soon as they can. Some Heads of Department and other subject teachers will also be in School on the morning of Results Day.


*Two important things to note:

Results for CIE iGCSE exams in French, German, Spanish, DT and ESL are released on Tuesday 14 August. Boys and parents will be able to see their results in these subjects via the Pupil Portal from around midday on Thursday 16 August A LEVEL RESULTS DAY. Please note, however, that any enquires relating to these CIE results will not be dealt with until the main GCSE Results Day on Thursday 23 August.


Please note that the School will not process any review of marking requests until the start of the Autumn Term (unless the offer of a place in the 6th Form is at stake). Remark requests may be submitted before the start of term, but acknowledgement of receipt of the request, and the submission of the request to the exam boards will not take place until the start of the Autumn Term.


You will also find information on the following post-result services on Firefly in the Upper School > Exams section > Post-results services here.


  • Results Day Dates and how to access your results
  • The process for requesting remarks, where appropriate
  • Grade Requirements for Sixth Form Entry and Sixth Form Subject Choices
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