Games will begin on Tuesday 9th March. Boys should check their allocation on their timetable (Tue/Thur P6). If a boy is in their expected group, there is no need to do anything. If a boy would like to apply to change sport, they should (via email), by 5pm on Friday 5th March:

  1. request release from the teacher in charge of their current sport (if applicable)
  2. request acceptance to the new sport, from the teacher in charge
  3. send email trail to BJB to process

If a boy has no allocation, they should complete parts 2 and 3 of the above, to get signed into a sport.

Details of session venue and timings for Games can be found HERE


PE Lessons – for week beginning 8th March

4th and Remove
Group A – PE kit
Group B – Swim kit
(Remove Sat P2 – all to wear kit to school. Group D to bring swim kit-you will be contacted directly)

5th – All to bring PE kit
(Sat P1 to wear kit to school)


The programme will begin on March 8th. The plan and booking ‘forms’ can be found HERE

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