Beds Police are visiting us again on Tuesday 9th October from 6.30 – 7.30pm in the EMH, to deliver their Digital Safeguarding Presentation to parents. The parents who attended this event last academic year, found the information useful and felt that all parents/carers would benefit from hearing the messages shared. One parent emailed afterwards to say, ‘I thought the policeman’s talk was excellent – well pitched and well delivered. I know the other parents I talked to afterwards felt the same and some of them had teens so were more in the thick of it! That world is moving pretty quickly and I was really surprised there weren’t more parents there.’ The presentation covers some of the following topics: What are Snapchat, Instagram, Omegele and Oovvoo? How safe are Apps in general? Do I need to monitor them? At what age should I let my child use social media? Why are GTA and COD not suitable games for children? Should my child have a mobile phone? Can my child get past the parental controls I have set? What tricks do online offenders use? There will also be a specific focus on unwanted contact, cyberbullying and peer to peer self-generated indecent images (sexting). Due to the nature of the presentation, the event is for adults’ eyes and ears only.

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