The Prep Guild are once again running their Christmas Gift Sales which provide boys with an opportunity to purchase gifts for all of their family members: mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents and even pets! There will be one example of every gift on display for boys to look at, and then the boys can purchase the gift ready-wrapped. The gifts are mostly in the range of £2 – £8 each. If boys would like to make some Christmas purchases, they should bring their money in a named envelope or wallet and may give it to their tutors for safekeeping. Younger boys may also like to have a written list of family members to buy for.  There will be lots of Prep Guild representatives to help the boys with their selections. Boys are reminded that they may not unwrap or play with any of the gifts they buy, they should all go home fully wrapped, for placing under the tree! Please email your son’s tutor or with any further questions. The gift sales will take place during the lunch break in the Atrium on the following dates:


Y5 and Y7 – Tuesday 26th November

Y3 and Y4 – Wednesday 27th November

Y6 and Y8 – Thursday 28th November


If your son for any reason can’t go on his year’s allocated day, because he has a music lesson for example, then he can go on a different day but otherwise boys should go on their allocated day. 

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