The Festival Showcase is an informal non-ticketed event, which aims to give the Speech and Drama boys some practice at performing in a large space with an audience, in preparation for the Bedfordshire Festival. This year’s Showcases will be on the dates below and we hope you are able to come and watch the boys perform. Boys should please wear white shirts and bring a snack to eat after school if they would like to. Please contact Mrs Bell if you have any questions.
Year 4 & 7 Showcase  Monday 10th Feb in the EMH
                                    from 4.30pm-6pm approx
Year 3 & 8 Showcase  Monday 24th Feb in the Quarry Studio
                                    from 4.30pm-6pm approx
Year 5 & 6 Showcase  Wednesday 26th Feb in the EMH
                                    from 5pm – 6.30pm approx 
                                    (a later start time due to fixtures)

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