#ArchiveZ A is for Archives

https://bedfordschool.fireflycloud.net/archives/archivez/a-is-for-archives-and-archivezWelcome to the weekly archive blog. Originating on Twitter in 2020, #ArchiveZ is a platform for articles and news from the school archives. These will be available on the Archives site on Firefly and there will be a weekly link on the school portal notices. If anyone wants to know more about the school archives, please contact me by email lharrison@bedfordschool.org.uk

The school archives are for everyone. Situated on the top floor of number 6 Burnaby Road, on the floor above the school Counsellor, you will find a collection of memorabilia, documents, photographs, school magazines and books. In addition, we have digital material and a Bedford School Heritage site where you can access the complete archive of The Ousel, dating back to 1876, as well as other magazines, documents, and photographs. Visit the Archives homepage on Firefly and read more About The School Archives

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