Each year we are required to obtain medical updates and medical consents for every boy at the school. The consents cover the administration of over the counter medicines and emergency medicines / treatment to your son during the school day, school trips and off-site activities and in the boarding houses as well as the use of emergency Salbutamol Inhalers for asthmatic pupils if their inhaler is not available or is unusable, and Epipens for pupils with severe allergies if their Epipen is not available or unusable. It is therefore essential that you complete an Annual Medical Update for your son/s by 15th June 2018 at the latest.

How to complete the Annual Medical Update

1.   Login to the secure parent portal.

If you do not know or have forgotten your login or password, please email IT Support. Please include your son’s name and year group in your email.

2.   Click or hover over ‘School Forms’ on the top tool bar and select electronic forms.

3.   A list of available forms will appear. Finally, click on the document icon alongside ‘Annual Medical Update Questionnaire’ to open the form.

If you have more than one son at the school, please complete one form for each son.  We would ask that parents liaise together to ensure that only one form is submitted for each son, and both parents are in agreement regarding the consents.

May we also take this opportunity to stress that it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that the Medical Centre is informed of any changes to your son’s medical, allergy and/or medication requirements, as well as GP details, to ensure the school has correct information recorded.  You can contact the Nurse team at nurse@bedfordschool.org.uk, or call 01234 362264

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