We are delighted to announce that Ambrose Wang (01-06) has taken up the role of Old Bedfordians District Vice President for Hong Kong! As we have a wealth of OBs living and working in the region, we are especially looking forward to once again having a DVP representing it, and are sure that Ambrose will prove a great asset to the Hong Kong OB Community.

Currently running an overseas consultancy firm in Shenzhen, China, Ambrose regularly travels between Hong Kong, mainland China and the UK and is keen to reach out to all OBs whose paths he may cross. With fond memories of Bedford School, and Pemberley House in particular, Ambrose is excited to use his position as DVP to bring OBs together to form a larger, vibrant network in Hong Kong.

If you’d like to introduce yourself to Ambrose, or would like to talk to him about an OB event or meet-up you’d like help with organising in Hong Kong, please contact him on kitaugucchi@hotmail.com or +852 96200888.

We are also looking into the possibility of holding an Anniversary Dinner in Hong Kong in the Autumn, to celebrate an impressive 125 years of the OB Club. We hope that many OBs across South East Asia may attend this special event. Further details will follow in due course.

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