At the March meeting of the OB Club Council, Chris Williams (68-79) was appointed to succeed Ollie Slack (83-93) as Chairman of the Club. 

Chris has held a number of management positions in a variety of technology and manufacturing businesses, he lives locally and was in St Cuthbert’s. His late father, Bill (47-53) and brother Tim (69-80/DVP for the UAE) also attended the School. Chris and his wife Emma have a son currently in the Prep School. We wish Chris well in this role and look forward to working with him when he takes up this appointment on 4th July following a handover. 

At the meeting Sandy Gray, the President, thanked Ollie for everything that he had contributed to the Club whilst Chairman. We will formally thank and farewell Ollie at the At Home on Saturday 4th July. If you are planning to attend the At Home, remember to book your ticket soon to avoid disappointment!

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