Over fifty Old Bedfordians joined us for the first Business Networking Forum of 2015, hosted by Phillip Hine (77-88) and his wife Sam at Cornflake's APP-artment – an iPad-controlled, designer-styled experience centre. We all enjoyed trying out the technology, sound systems and lighting, and it was a fantastic venue to network in. It was also brilliant to have three or four OBs come along who had never been to an OB event before! Enjoy the photos, and do please tag yourselves!

The Old Bedfordian London Networking Forums were set up to give OBs the chance to get together for career and business advantage and new networking opportunities, from across a range of careers and professions from more experienced practitioners as well as those just getting started.

Thank you to the team at Cornflake for hosting us and making us feel so welcome. If you have a suitable venue for a Networking event please do make contact with the OB Club Office, it would be great to hear from you.


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