Courageous Old Bedfordians Recognised

Bedford School’s Old Bedfordians Club held a special dinner last month to recognise and say thank you to the many Old Bedfordians (OBs) who have made a difference in Iraq and Afghanistan by working or serving in the two countries.

The event was a first for the school who wanted to recognise the important contribution these individuals had made and thank them for putting their lives at risk, whether as servicemen, civil servants, in business or working for a charity. All in some way had contributed to trying to improve the lives of those living in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Although Bedford School, fortunately, has not lost an OB in these campaigns, many of those gathered at the event had tragically lost friends and comrades.  Head Master, James Hodgson praised those in our armed services and highlighted the way in which they go about the challenges of their daily lives when on operations, and recognised the stress that it puts on their loved ones.

Since 1552 Bedford School has had a great tradition of service over many generations and I am confident that we are still developing the values in boys so that they too in the future can step up to the mark and play an active part in a changing world.

– James Hodgson, Head Master

Those who attended the dinner welcomed this unique evening which recognised their important and brave contribution.  Old Bedfordian Colonel Anthony Abrahams, who spoke on behalf of the guests, reiterated this sentiment, commenting that since returning from Baghdad in 2007 this was the first time that he felt thanked by an organisation outside of the military, and this gesture by the school was much appreciated. 

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