Gifted Micha? Dzitko (09-14) underwent classical music training for 12 years and studied piano in a conservatoire. Then, his interest suddenly shifted to composition which he studied for four years at Bedford school. Now working under professor Marta Ptaszy?ska at the University of Chicago, Michal writes modern classical music with “an aim of still being pleasurable for non-academic listeners”. He has had his work performed by orchestras and ensembles in England and his birthplace – Poland.

His exciting new album ‘Bokeh’, due to be released on 27th November, is an album of minimalist organ music. It’s aim is to create music that first of all, is captivating and emotive, yet which is guided by the minimalist traditions of reused material and repetition. A number of techniques previously rarely seen in minimalist music have been employed, such as a more rapid harmonic rhythm, and a strict constraint to one mode. Recording took place at St. Paul’s church in London’s Knightsbridge,
and was performed by Stephen Farr, the director of music at Corpus Christi, Cambridge. Michal is currently awaiting the performance of his newest work ‘Candeo’ – an atonal suite for flute and viola.

Listen to a preview of the album here

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