Our Y7 and Y8 boys are enjoying getting to grips with rowing each week on the beautiful Great Ouse.   

After only a few weeks of Rowing Club, the boys are already mastering the basics of the sport. Learning from experience on the water, they are developing their co-ordination and all-important balance while at the same time having plenty of fun.  

Mr Mulkerrins, our Director of Rowing, had the boys running through plenty of fun drills such as ‘helicopter’, which involves lifting one blade, then standing up in the boat and spinning the blade like a helicopter,  and–all-importantly–not falling in! We are pleased to say that no boys fell in or capsized the week we joined them.  

Mr Mulkerrins told us, “The boys are making great progress and growing in confidence. They are all learning to scull, which is tricky, but once mastered, is a skill that allows them to be fully independent on the river.” He also added, “They all stayed dry this week, which is also good!” 

We were highly impressed by their burgeoning talents as they sculled, manoeuvred their boats and helped each other while enjoying the sunny autumn afternoon on the water. To quote Wind in the Willows, “Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing—absolutely nothing—half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” We agree!

“It is really calming to be out on the river. I love it!”

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