In what were incredibly hot and sunny conditions, our Old Bedfordians fielded teams in this year’s Burles and Mellin competitions. Our Burles team, consisting of Simon Kimber (58-65) & Andrew Rudkin (64-69), and John Cartwright (59-65) & Mike Bevan (50-62), equipped themselves admirably in the first round, with a clean sweep over Loretto. Despite running very close in the quarter-final against Cheltenham, both pairs came up just short in what was becoming increasingly oppressive heat. However, a fine effort by all concerned.

Our Mellin team consisted of Mark Orchart (74-79) & Tim Henderson (64-71), Kevin Dunbar (74-79) & Hector Paterson (65-70), and Patrick Duke (66-70) & Chris Johnson (66-75). Orchart & Henderson, both stalwart Hewitt players, carried their bat in both matches undefeated. However, we struggled in the other pairings resulting in a loss to Loretto in the Mellin tournament, and a subsequent loss to Forest in the Plate competition later in the afternoon.

Despite this, the weather and the company were first class, and we look forward to another assault next year!

Kevin Dunbar

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