This week we were delighted to meet Egalia, one of the EAL (English as an Additional Language) eagles. This cheery, little eaglet, one of three eagles from the department, is well known to many of our boys who have EAL sessions each week with Mrs Gordon. 

The EAL eagles are always hugely popular, and the boys look forward to taking them on their travels during school holidays and exeats. Two EAL pupils, Theo Wang and Tony Zhao (Y7), told us about how they enjoy taking lots of photos of Egalia when they have her for the holidays, or in Tony’s case the whole of the first lockdown.

The boys record their travels and adventures with the eagles for all to read, and it is clear to see that they take great pride in writing their entries. They offer the boys an excellent opportunity to write freely and share their culture and customs with others.  Theo and Tony told us how they enjoy reading the diary entries. Pui Lam’s trip to Barcelona last year was a memorable entry for both the boys who enjoyed seeing his adventures.

The diary, which goes back almost five years, is also a fantastic record of the boys over the years, and the destination list, which includes Spain, Russia, France, Japan, China, Bahrain and Thailand – is a great reflection of the school’s genuinely international community.  

Egg was our very first EAL Eagle, and proved so popular at holiday times that a second eagle was needed!

Eggy is the son of Egg. Thanks to an eagle exchange programme with our former EAL Coordinator Mrs Manning, Eggy is currently enjoying spending time with pupils in a school in Hong Kong.

Egalia, the latest addition to the family, is already well-travelled and helps to brighten the boys’ lessons.

“She [Egalia] sometimes helps us. She encourages you. It’s kind of like having an imaginary friend, but better!”

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