Choosing a Head Boy and his deputies is a job which our teachers love, but one which is never easy. This year was no exception, as we had an exceptional group of boys who proudly put themselves forward to take on a role of responsibility in their senior year. During the process, all the boys complete written applications and provide self-evaluations, critiquing themselves against our core values before their tutors and subject teachers offer feedback using the same criteria. 

Mr Silk explained, “Choosing a Head Boy and the Deputy Head Boys is always a tough decision, but none more so than this year. Our Y8 boys are a brilliant year group. However, I am delighted to announce Ben Cutts as our new Head Boy and Joseph Edwards and Elio Lepore as Deputy Head Boys. I do not doubt that they will be wonderful role models and ambassadors for the school as they undertake their duties.”

Head Boy Ben Cutts told us, “I was really excited when I found out as it is a position that I have always looked up to – it’s quite a big thing! And it’s cool to be a role model.” When asked about what he was most looking forward to, Ben was in no doubt, “I do drama, so I really like public speaking.”

Speaking on Ben’s appointment, Head of Y8 Mrs Loader commented, “Ben has always been an incredibly kind and good-natured young man. He is humble but self-assured, full of character but sincere and applies himself fully to every task that he undertakes in and out of the classroom. I don’t think any member of the school community was surprised that Ben was our chosen Head Boy this year.”

Ben, along with Joseph and Elio, have some big shoes to fill, but we do not doubt that they will do a brilliant job. Congratulations to them, and all the boys who put themselves forward. 

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