On Saturday 22 November 2014, Sandeep Nayar (00-10), Ben Holt (00-11), Ashnish Sinha (01-11) and Giles Neal (01-12) came back to Bedford to conduct mock interviews for medical applicants in the U6th, as part of an OB Mentoring Scheme set up this year. 

Giles explains:

“We ran two panels, one focusing on scientific and ethical reasoning, and the other testing the boys’ understanding of the medical profession. The event was a great success, with eight applicants put through their paces.

It was a pleasure to see how levelheaded the guys were in such an intimidating setting. Most amusing was the universal modesty of applicants when asked how they thought the interviews went: “terrible”, “no idea”, “could’ve been far better”. Despite being such harsh self-critics, they dealt with some very tricky questions in a largely rational manner and came up with some highly intelligent ideas. With a heavy dose of empathy, us interviewers all agreed it’s definitely much more fun sitting on the other side of the desk.

I wish the boys success over the coming months, and I’m sure they’ll have a great time at medical school. I’d especially like to thank the other panellists for generously giving up their time to help, and Dr. Ratnayake for letting us use his rooms at Bedford Hospital.

I am hoping to make this OB Mentoring Scheme, run in conjunction with the Bedford School Medical Association, a yearly event. If you would like to get involved with anything from interview help to personal statement advice, please get in touch with me at giles.neal@seh.ox.ac.uk

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