Remove pupils Henry He, Thomas Pelling, Henry Shaw and
Alexander Ward participated in the Year 10 Maths Feast Competition run by the
Further Maths Support Programme at Putteridge High School in Luton on Thursday
5th March.

This national competition, for year 10 pupils, combines
mathematical, communication and teamwork skills, and offers pupils another way
to express and develop their enjoyment of Mathematics. Each year the format of
the competition changes slightly so that the rounds remain interesting and
exciting. Teams are expected to work together to solve new problems.

The first round – the mathematical entrée – was a true or
false round, pitting the boys’ wits against challenging questions. The team
then moved onto the amuse-bouche which was a countdown style round, having to
find one number, using six given, in just a minute! The team excelled in this
round, winning this part of the competition.

The third round – the main course – was on complex
numbers. The team had three minutes to learn algebraic notation on ‘imaginary
numbers’ and then had 17 minutes to answer a series of questions. Here the team
came into their own and again won this round.

The penultimate round – the dessert – was on pentominoes
and the boys had to create rectangles using the 12 unique pentomino shapes and
using shape visualization find a field that enclosed the greatest possible area
by joining the pentominoes together with their edges touching.

The final challenge – the petit-fours – and the last
chance to prove themselves, was a rapid relay round. The Bedford School team
showed outstanding teamwork, and secured their position of 1st place. A very
well done to the team.

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