Our Y8 boys’ post-exam programme continued apace this week with a little help from four Lower Sixth Formers: Nikolai Sorokin, Daniel Bello, Dylan Swain and Orlando Williams. The boys, who all came up from the Prep School, volunteered to give the enrichment talks to our Y8 boys. However, choosing which of their talks to attend was a tough call, with insightful talks on ‘Why is Maths useful?’, ‘Nerve agents and how they affect the body and nervous system’, Learning how to be good through ancient philosophy’ and ‘Lasers and how they function’ on offer.  

Giving the talks also proved a rewarding experience for the Lower Sixth Formers. Orlando explained, “I found the presentation a unique experience to give back as I had attended enrichment presentations when I was in the Prep School.” Not only did the boys vividly remember receiving presentations from Lower Sixth boys when they were in Y8 themselves, but also the boys who gave them and even their presentation topics. Indeed, they have remained in touch with many of them, now Old Bedfordians, via social media.

Talking afterwards, Dylan, whose talk focused on the lessons for life that can be learned from ancient philosophy and ethics, told us, “It was a great experience; it is always a privilege to talk with the Prep School boys. Having been one myself, I know how stressful the transition to the Upper School can be, and I hope they find the lessons in my talk useful at this critical time in their lives.” While many boys worry about the transition, through his talk, Dylan hoped that he allayed many of their concerns as he spoke about his personal, highly positive experience.

Daniel, whose scientific interest fuelled his presentation, explained, “It was great to be able to showcase to the younger boys the passion and intrigue that I have for all things science, and be able to enhance their scientific knowledge on nerve agents and how they affect us. In addition, it was good to see the boys so engaged with this topic by asking a variety of interesting questions and carrying on with further discussions about nerve agents in their tutor groups. Overall, it was a great experience for me and amazing to be involved in the post-exam Y8 programme.” 

The boys’ enrichment talks were just one of many highlights in an exciting week that also included talks on future careers, wellbeing and a profoundly moving holocaust survivor talk, a leadership workshop from Ivy House, and the last of the ‘Come Dine with Me’ evenings.  

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