On the 7th June OB Giovanni Testa (03-13) and his friend, Matteo Sarro will be cycling 308 miles, over four days, from London to Paris to raise money for The British Heart Foundation, which helps fight against Coronary Heart Disease.
CHD is the UK’s single biggest killer – there are currently 2.3 million people in the UK living with the condition, 60% of whom are male. The British Heart Foundation aims to help the many sufferers of CHD through pioneering research which has already helped change millions of lives. Since the charity’s birth over 50 years ago, the number of deaths caused by CHD has fallen by half in the UK.  However, heart and circulatory disease still kills more than one in four people in the UK, stealing them away from their families and loved ones. 
We are very proud to see Giovanni and Matteo supporting such a deserving cause and wish them the best of luck in their endeavour. To find out more about their sponsored bike ride, please visit their JustGiving page here.


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