Boys studying Modern Languages are celebrating after a record year in the UK Linguistics Olympiad (UKLO). Eight Sixth Form boys collectively scooped a haul of one gold, two silver and five bronze medals in the recent national competition.

The UKLO is renowned for the difficulty of its questions and its stringent grade boundaries – to win gold, students must fall within the top 5% of all entries, the next 10% for silver and the next 20% for bronze. This year’s Olympiad comprised of 1,650 candidates from around the world, and posed questions on languages ranging from Idalion to Yukaghir.

Our 2020 linguistic Olympians are:

Oscar Hudson Gold
Alfie Willcocks Silver
Nikolai Sorokin Silver
Alex Aellen Bronze
Charlie Thompson Bronze 
David Adeyemi Bronze
Oscar Hill Bronze
Philip Leu Bronze


Michael Dawson, Teacher of Modern Languages, said, “As far as I am aware, this is a record year for Bedford School; one gold, two silvers and five bronze awards is an excellent achievement. Oscar Hudson deserves a special mention after having been awarded gold for three years in a row. He leaves Bedford School this year as the school’s most decorated Linguistics Olympian!”

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