In addition to their usual lessons, our Y5 boys have been learning some key life skills around food and eating this term.

In their first week, the focus was on laying the table and table etiquette. After covering the basics of laying a table, the boys looked at what you might encounter at a more formal dining setting, including social communication around a table and not being on your phone. They discussed looking after others around them and making sure that everyone and everything around on the table is treated with respect. They also tried their hand at folding napkins with varying degrees of success!

Week two was a hot topic: cleanliness. The boys toured our school kitchens and had a look at exactly how things are managed at school and just how many people work on getting them their food each day. Then using the UV testing kit, the boys looked at how clean their hands were. The boys were also introduced to the idea of washing kitchen utensils and chopping boards during food preparation. 

Week 3 proved great fun as the boys set about making omelettes with Chef’s help. Taking care around heat and stoves was discussed and the boys worked together to time their food. Most importantly, the boys got a chance to eat the fruits of their labour afterwards!

For the final session next week, Mr Roberts will be sending a video to the boys on the all-important topic of clearing and cleaning up. Knowing Mr Roberts we are sure that this will not only be highly informative but fun! Please do encourage your boys to follow his advice and help out with washing up and/or stacking the dishwasher.

May we also take this opportunity to say a big thank you to our catering team for their help, and, in particular, Alex Grieve, for his ever abundant enthusiasm.

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