We were delighted to introduce the Bedford School Journal of Digital Learning in 2020. Now on its third issue, the journal has become a regular publication of papers written by pupils to reflect on digital technologies and how they impact our world.

Dr Albin Wallace, Director of Digital Learning, explains, “The boys at Bedford School are deep thinkers and are increasingly aware of the positive and the negative elements of technology as it permeates their lives. So far, we have asked them to question: ‘How might the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies help you in your education?’, ‘Online Gaming: Good or Bad?’ and ‘Why should we worry about fake news on social media?’. Their responses have been both perceptive and illuminating, and it is insights such as these that can help shape the future direction of our school.”

We hope you enjoy reading the boys’ essays.

Volume 1, 2020


Volume 2, 2021


Volume 3, 2021

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