As many of you are already aware, Jonno Davies (01-10) is certainly causing a splash in the performing arts scene. Having already acted in big name plays, TV shows and one movie, success hasn’t made Jonno idle.

The aspiring actor has been playing the lead role of Alex DeLarge in Action To The Word’s production of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ in Singapore until 7th November. This has obviously created a great deal of media interest in the city-state as the play has been banned in Singapore for over 30 years.

During August and September Davies also filmed a leading role in the forthcoming feature film ‘Chariot’ which is due for worldwide release in early 2016. Chariot tells the story of a group of young vigilantes, led by ‘Adrian’ played by Jonno. The group are then taken under the wing of a retired gladiator during their determined struggle to rid their Luisitania homeland of the occupying Roman armies once and for all. As this is the 23 year old’s second screen appearance, such a big role is very impressive!

All of this action has definitely got the media’s attention as Jonno has featured in several magazines including a four-page spread in the Singapore edition of Esquire magazine, and as the ‘Shirtless Guy of the Week’  in the 8 Days magazine – Singapore’s best selling culture/arts publication. Alongside these he has been busy doing live radio and TV interviews.

We can’t wait to see what Jonno gets up to next and will be heading down to the cinema in the new year to watch ‘Chariot’…

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