This week saw the Key Stage finals for the ISA Shakespeare Monologue Competition for our Prep boys.  

The competition started last half term, when boys from Y3 to Y6 enjoyed a brilliant workshop specially prepared for them by the Royal Shakespeare Company and led by Old Bedfordian Ollie Lynes and his colleague Emma. During the workshop, the boys learned about intonation, expression and understanding the circumstances of their chosen monologue. 

Over half-term, the boys chose a Shakespeare monologue to learn by heart or even created their own based on a Shakespeare character. Class competitions then followed to select the finalists for the Key Stage Finals. 

We are now delighted to announce that Major Grewal and Dylan Uppal won their finals and now represent the school in the national Key Stage 2 finals, and Henry Gilham and Elio Leopore won their finals to represent Bedford Prep in the Key Stage 3 finals. 

Since then, the winning boys have been busy filming their recitals to submit to the ISA and compete with schools across the country. 

Miss Bamber told the boys, “I would like to say thank-you to all of you for your terrific performances. You were engaging, self-assured and passionate in your delivery of Shakespeare’s words. We were utterly blown away by the quality of each performance and by the commitment you have shown to this endeavour.”

Our congratulations also go to all the boys who took part for their creative efforts at home, on Teams and on film. As Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage”, but we wonder if he ever realised how apt his quote would be!  

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