Our Upper Sixth Theatre Studies students performed their Docudrama piece entitled ‘Dead Giveaway’ to a select audience and AQA moderator on 27th March.

This project started off as a verbatim piece of theatre based on real life abduction cases, but ended up more of a documentary piece of theatre. Logan Jones, Jack Chapman, Joshua Garrett and Oliver McCormack worked on the project together as part of their devised practical exam.

The moderator was impressed with the creative way in which the students told the two different stories. Head of Academic Drama, Antoinette Keylock commented ‘The students should be very proud of their achievement. Docudrama is not an easy option and the narrative has elements of verbatim. The students took inspiration from Alecky Blythe and Nicholas Kent, as well as live theatre seen at The Quarry theatre. The subject matter was indeed dark, but it captivated the audience and left them with his haunting take on a real life event.’

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