A group of IB students from Bedford School and Bedford Girls’ School recently joined together for a trip to Oxford as part of their Theory of Knowledge course. The trip, which took place on Friday 8 November, involved a tour of New College, Oxford, as well as a visit to the fascinating, eclectic Pitt Rivers Museum. The boys were fascinated by exhibits such as the Inuit parka made of seal intestine, Hawaiian feather cloaks, and a range of cultural artefacts from everyday tools to ceremonial objects.

The tour of New College was one full of reminiscences for the accompanying staff, who all have strong New College links. Our chaplain Mr McCleery was assistant chaplain at New College, and Mrs Everitt from Bedford Girls’ School and Mr Finch, the Director of IB at Bedford School, are both former undergraduates.

Old Bedfordian Miles Young (63-72), the Warden of New College, popped in to visit the group at the Pitt Rivers to say hello, and in the museum the boys also bumped into Jaynil Patel, a former Bedford School IB student who is now reading History at Christ Church College, Oxford.

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