Election fever was in the air in the Prep School this week as four parties vied for the Prep School pupil votes. However, the parties were not the usual suspects but instead the TOMORROW party, who want to shape the future; the VISION party, who has a plan for everyone; the TRANSFORM party, who want to make a difference; and the PROGRESS party, who want to move the country forward. 

16 Y8 boys bravely stepped up to take on either the candidacy for their party or a key team role such as campaign manager, spokesperson and spin doctor. The boys had the great responsibility of developing their party’s policies and, in a series of hustings, presenting them to their fellow pupils. Each party is also ably supported by a registrar, polling officer, chief counter and polling station manager and their respective teams. 

Following the second successful hustings of the week, Headmaster Ian Silk told us, “The standard of presentation and the intelligence of the questions was most impressive, arguably more mature than we see from parties and press in the real election”. 

“It has been wonderful to see pupils of all ages so actively engaged.”

Ian Silk, Headmaster

Early exit polls on Thursday showed the TRANSFORM party in front, but all could change when the boys go to the ballot box on Thursday 12 December; the day of the National election as well as the boys’ own. We wish all the parties the very best of luck.

This brilliant parliamentary initiative was organised by Mrs Bell to allow the boys to explore the process of voting and elections. The boys also learned about the importance of registering to vote (if you are not registered you can’t vote!) – a lesson that we hope that they will remember for the future when it is their turn to have their say in the real thing.


TOMORROW – The party that wants to shape the future:
Hamish, Finn, Michael and Oscar J

VISION – The party that has a plan for everyone:
Fred, James, Tanay and Christopher

TRANSFORM – The party that wants to make a difference:
Robert, Clement, Sam C and Millan

PROGRESS – The party that wants to move the country forward:
Will H, Sam M, Matthew, Arthur

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