The wonderful aroma drifting from our Dining Halls at the unusual time of 9:30am on Tuesday morning was enough to pique our interest. Armed with a camera, we were delighted to see our Upper Sixth Formers in aprons merrily cooking up a Bolognese.

The tasty session formed part of our Upper Sixth Form’s Citizenship morning where they learned, amongst other things, how to cook mince three ways. The boys were also quizzed on questions such as ‘Can you eat a pizza you have left out overnight?’ and ‘Can you reheat leftover rice?’ The sessions, along with a talk on recreational drug use at university and ‘why not to get involved’, were designed to prepare the boys for life beyond Bedford School in the most practical way possible in their very last Citizenship morning.

Meanwhile, the Lower Sixth attended sessions on informed sexual consent as part of their sex and relationships education, the Fifth Form received an interactive and informative talk on drug use with some hard-hitting facts. Remove and Fifth Form boys received an in-house study skills and time management session and as part of their sex and relationships education, Fifth Form boys also tackled online pornography issues in small groups. The Fourth Form enjoyed a carousel of activities followed by a talk by renowned author Mark Robson and a taster of Taekwondo. The whole school ended the morning with a Tutor period, which included a quiz on current affairs and a discussion regarding the importance and value of reading the news.

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