Over 120 boys took to the race floor to compete in our traditional indoor house rowing event on Tuesday 4 December. Like many other house sports competitions, our indoor rowing event encourages boys to step outside of their comfort zone and take part in a new sport. All boys are given the opportunity to compete, whether or not they are regular rowers, and it is this principle which makes this an unpredictable and exciting competition.

The event was held in the Great Hall with four ergos connected together and linked to a big screen projecting the races live. This year we used new software with precision 3D graphics, which displayed each ergo as a boat gliding through ripples of sparkling water. This, combined with the loud cheers from around 100 house supporters, made for an electric atmosphere.

The competition was split into Juniors (Fourth and Remove Form) and Seniors (Fifth and Sixth Forms). Boys raced side by side and points were allocated based on race winners and race times. Bromham House stole the show, not only by winning the Senior competition, but also by smashing the Senior Eight school record in the 8x250m relay by 11 seconds!

Well done also to St Peter’s who took the trophy for the Juniors with a 14-point win over Paulo.


1stBromham (59 points)
2nd Ashburnham (43 points)
3rd Crescent (38 points)
4thPaulo Pontine (31 points)
5thSt Cuthbert's (21 points)
6thSt Peter's (18 points)


1stSt Peter's (51 points)
2nd Paulo Pontine (37 points)
3rd Ashburnham and Bromham (35 points)
5thSt Cuthbert's (29 points)
6thSt Cuthbert's (20 points)


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