Harry Potter Book Night (or, in our case, a whole day) is a much-loved annual tradition at Bedford Prep School. Highly anticipated by our Y3 and Y4 boys and staff alike, the day is always a wonderful celebration of the wonderful wizarding world within the books and imaginative storytelling at its best.

This year, the boys not only enjoyed creating potions (the bogie potion proved a real hit!) in science and cauldron negative numbers with Professor Snape, they also investigated a little Latin in a special spells lesson; looking at root words in the spells to work out what they did.

Outside the classroom, boys created their own Hagrid huts in and around the trim trail, enjoyed special themed cakes at lunchtime, and created moneybags for their knuts, sickles and galleon and spooky lanterns in special lunchtime and after school sessions.

All in all, it was a brilliant day of dressing up, spells, wizardry, yummy cakes and potions!

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