The OB Deutschland group met for their Annual Spring Reunion this April in the waterside metropolis of Hamburg. The event started off with a casual gathering in an Irish Pub on Friday evening on the famous Kiez (the night life district) of Hamburg. After a fascinating tour through the centre of Hamburg on Saturday, with its impressive historical town hall, and the famous “Speicherstadt”, the group of German OBs explored Europe’s second busiest port on a guided boat tour.

The highlight of the Reunion was the Dinner Event, for which Colin Baker and his wife Jackie joined as guests of honour from Bedford School, at the banks of the Elbe river on Saturday evening. Colin was very involved with the IB and OBs in Germany from the start and we wish him a very warm farewell and only the best for his time after leaving Bedford.

A large number of German-speaking students have attended Bedford School, and OB Deutschland e.V. is a very active network aimed at OBs living in or from Germany. As always, all OBs (and partners) are very welcome to attend events and reunions organised by the group. Find out more about the group and how you can get involved here.

Gustav von Kessel (09-11)

OB Deutschland Secretary

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