Our IB1 students presented their Group 4* Projects to their fellow students as well as Y6 boys from the Prep School in the Great Hall on Thursday 16 June 2016.

From the 'Science of Space' to 'Proof that Spiderman Exists' to 'The Effects of Caffeine' to 'Life in Space' to ‘The Science of Alcohol’; the projects on display were fascinating and wide-ranging.

As the Y6 boys left, they each voted on which presentation they liked best: ‘Life in Space’ by Nihat Aslanoba, Julius Cupei, Ed Lamb and Rukudzo Msindo was the most popular presentation; congratulations to these boys.  However, all of the displays and presentations from the boys were excellent, and clearly demonstrated the hard work that each interdisciplinary group had invested in planning and researching, as well as presenting and explaining their findings.

Director of IB, Emma Murray commented, “This year, as in previous years, it was fantastic to see the boys’ ingenious ideas come alive using some complex scientific ideas and the clear, confident presentational style that characterises Bedford School’s IB students. The Y6 boys were absolutely enthralled”.

*IB Group 4 covers Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

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