We were pleased to hear that Henry Longhurst, who attended Bedford School for a year in 1916, has been inducted into World Golf’s Hall of Fame, as part of the Class of 2017!

Born in Bedford in 1909, Henry was part of the Longhurst family who established Longhurst & Skinner, a local house-furnishing business. From Bedford he went on to Charterhouse School, before attending Clare College, Cambridge in 1928, where he became Captain of the Cambridge University Golf Club. He was also interested in politics and was elected as Conservative MP for Acton in 1943, serving in the role for two years.

Having started writing for a monthly golf magazine called Tee Topics, which eventually came to the attention of the Sunday Times, Henry became the newspaper’s golf correspondent. From the late 1950s, Henry was the BBC’s senior golf commentator, featuring on several US network broadcasts.

Henry passed away in 1965 but is still remembered by Bedfordshire Golf Club, as the bell in the Club’s lounge, which is rung by The Captain to announce results of competitions, is in honour of him!

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