In an exciting week for new arrivals, we were delighted to announce the pitter patter of little feet here at Bedford Prep School.

One of our gerbils, Rosa, gave birth to seven perfectly formed, little pink pups on Wednesday 25 April.  Excitingly, the birth of the pups was seen by most boys in Y6 (as well as a number of boys from other year groups), who impressed us with their mature response and intelligent questions.  The boys will now observe and weigh Rosa and her pups daily as part of their reproduction and life cycle topic.

Alongside the gerbils, boys are also studying the following animals, which were purchased thanks to a grant from the Bedford School Trust.

  • A Fire Salamander (amphibian). 
  • Tropical freshwater fish.
  • Saltwater marine fish, shrimp and coral.  There is plenty of chemistry involved in monitoring the water quality!
  • Stick and leaf insects. These quickly growing (and moulting) insects are ideal for showing lifecycles.

There will also be further new arrivals soon with the introduction of a chameleon and additional fish and marine creatures, and even more great educational experiences for the boys. 

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