Bedford School hosted a Politics Society Debate yesterday
evening in advance of today’s much-anticipated General Election.

Standing as the Labour Party, the boys were joined by representative
teams from Bedford Girls’ School (the Liberal Democrats) and Bedford Modern
School (the Conservatives). Each team made an opening speech before taking
questions from their opponents during an open debate and then finishing with a
summation. Harry Burden opened the evening’s discussion with an excellent
presentation of Labour Party policies, showing a strong grasp of the details,
and was joined by Ollie Charlton and Calvin Fang in responding to points from
the floor. Ollie engaged in the evening’s most heated exchange with two equally
impassioned members of the BMS team and then closed proceedings with an
impressive summation speech. All three boys spoke with authority and confidence
throughout but the clear numerical advantage enjoyed by our opposition on the
night proved decisive when a final ballot was held, the Liberal Democrats
surely surpassing anything we will see when the results come in tomorrow by
claiming 47% of the votes.

Thanks to all for their contributions, and especially to
the Bromham team of Burden & Charlton for leading expertly from the front.

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