Our Fifth Form boys are celebrating another superb set of GCSE results, having made the very most of the various periods of online and in-person learning throughout the last 18 months.  Courses were almost entirely completed in full, and their results are particularly impressive given the unprecedented context within which they were achieved. The boys have every right now to feel fully confident as they embark upon their IB and A Level courses in the Sixth Form.

James Hodgson, Head Master, said, “We could not be more delighted for this cohort who have overcome the challenges that the last 18 months have thrown at them. They have shown a great deal of strength and resilience and, together with their teachers’ unwavering support and sheer hard work, they all deserve to be thoroughly proud of what they have achieved.”

Callum Ward was one of our highest achievers and after a long two years of hard work is very excited to start A Levels in mathematics, biology, computer science and chemistry. Callum explained, “I feel relieved. Despite having to do a lot of online learning, I learnt a lot from others in my class and teachers due to the unforeseen circumstances. Online learning was unique, and an experience I’ll never forget.”

Callum Ward

After collecting his superb results, Oliver Pope spent the day wakeboarding with other boys in his year group to celebrate and share in their success together. Oliver has chosen to study the International Baccalaureate (IB) course at Sixth Form with a key focus on higher level physics, chemistry, and mathematics as well as Spanish, English and economics. Oliver said, “I am aiming to go into a career in engineering and have been looking at multiple options in terms of Global universities and linking up with leading organisations with a view to acquiring sponsorship and ongoing career path opportunities.”

Oliver Pope

Luca Moretto’s top grades will give him the step up he needs on his journey to get involved with international politics. With English, maths, Latin, and history in the Sixth Form to look forward to, Luca reflected, “I feel relieved and proud of myself. Over the past 18 months, I consider myself to have been really lucky to have had very little disruption to my education compared to so many others.”

Luca Moretto

Gideon Chan was in a state of “absolute delight and excitement” when he received his results. While he knew he had worked hard, seeing his results in black and white was quite immense. Reflecting about his time learning via Microsoft Teams, Gideon said, “Teams lessons have both advantages and disadvantages in terms of learning. For me, I adapted to the new form of learning pretty quickly when I created my own timetable so I could use my spare time more wisely and effectively. It was a very unique experience and I feel very relieved now I have finally received my results.” Gideon will now study geography, history, economics and music technology, and plans to follow his passion for geography at University.

Gideon Chan

Khush Shah, another student who gained top grades is hoping for a future in engineering. After opening his results, he commented, “I was extremely happy and thrilled with my results. It has been a difficult and challenging time, but the support of my teachers has been fantastic. I am relieved that the work has paid off.” Khush is planning to study maths, economics, physics and chemistry.

Khush Shah

Troy Arora made his family very proud with his outstanding results, which, despite putting in the hard work, he still can’t quite believe it. Troy is wasting no time about looking to the future and explained, “I am proud of my results, but I don’t feel the urge to boast about them. Instead, they seem like a milestone to me that I’m happy I achieved but I also want to work beyond.”.

Troy Arora

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