As we turn to summer, our green-fingered boys have been itching to get back out in the Prep garden and start the growing season.

Each week since the beginning of term, boys in their year group bubbles have been taking it in turns to make their contribution to this green space through the Gardening Club. On Friday 30 April, it was the turn of our Y4 boys to enthusiastically prepare beds, plant seeds, water them in and label them up. With tomatoes, leeks, parsnips and sunflowers planted to complement the strawberries and onions already growing, the boys are looking forward to a bumper crop before the end of the school year.

The boys are also enjoying plenty of support from many quarters. Eagle House’s boys are helping to boost plant growth, looking after some of them in the house’s heated propagators, and staff in the Dining Hall are sending over a generous supply of peelings and eggshells for the wormery.

Elsewhere, a fierce Y6 tomato growing competition is underway, which boys are taking very seriously.  In classes, the boys are looking to grow the healthiest and most fruitful plants.  Not only do they have the drive to win the competition, but they are also looking forward to taking home the plants at the end of the year to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

“This is the best club ever!”

Ilyas, Y4
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