A couple of OBs have been hard at work pursuing their dream of creating ground-breaking video games. Alongside their friend Richard Herbert who attended BMS, Jacob King (10-15) and Tristan Perkins (13-15), have formed Deity Productions, an independent game development studio, and have already finalised and released five games. One large three-month project: ‘The Canyon,’ took the majority of their efforts, and was released late November.

With Jacob as Lead Artist for the company, Tristan as Lead Programmer, and Richard as Lead Writer, the team have been focussing on honing their skills on small, indie titles which anyone can play, anytime. They have also created their own website, which features download links to all their main titles. “We want to create our own unique gaming experience,’ said Tristan. ‘Our website will be the main hub for most of our activity. All of our games will be available via the website. There will be active blogging from us, and forums for our members to give us their opinion. We really will read and respond to posts.”

The trio were inspired to set-up the company, wanting to create something more responsive to the needs of gamers themselves, as Jacob explains “Too many times we’ve seen development teams ignore the views of their fans in order to cash in. We think this is abhorrent. As avid gamers, we want gamers to be part of what we are doing.”

The Bedford boys have just finished A Levels but are delaying university to make the video games they would love to play. Having been working on the concept for over three years, the three school friends are glad to finally be able to start making their plans into reality. Jacob said “We have always been huge video games enthusiasts, and for years we have been working on how we would go about creating our own games in our free time. Now we have finished our A Levels we are putting eight hours a day in every day to make this a reality.”

Deity’s future goals include venturing into the application market. Confident that they want to start developing apps alongside their computer games, Deity have already begun learning the extra skills required this and hope to create addictive, fun applications for apple and android devises. 

Visit the Deity Productions website here

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