We were delighted to welcome actor Sebastian Croft into school to give an inspirational talk on his career to date to our Drama Society boys on Monday 9 September.

Sebastian, who, despite being just 17 years old, has played a range of characters, from Oliver in Sam Mende’s Oliver! in the West End to a young Eddard Stark in Game of Thrones, to the lead role of Atti in the Horrible Histories film which came out this summer.

Sebastian explained that despite having no formal training in acting, he threw himself at auditions and worked with drama groups to gain experience. He advised boys to draw on their own personal experiences when preparing for a part – something he does regularly.

Sebastian admitted that he struggled academically at school – mainly due to his dyslexia. However, he soon learned that drama and music were his thing and worked hard in these subjects.  

He certainly captured the boys’ attention when he described in graphic detail how the make-up department made him into a vampire complete with supernatural looking contact lenses. He followed on saying that “the scene where I had to stab someone through the neck with a javelin was really cool”.

Sebastian spoke to a full house of boys who were clearly captivated and had plenty of questions at the end.

Head of Academic Drama, Mrs Antoinette Keylock, commented, “Sebastian was a humble young man – a perfect guest for our first academic society meeting. The boys were really inspired by his interesting talk on his acting career.”

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