In assemblies and throughout their day-to-day learning this term, our boys will be focusing on responsibility.  

Responsibility is one of our five core values, which we teach the boys about through our Future Skills Curriculum (our other core values being endeavour, integrity, curiosity and kindness).

Our Future Skills curriculum helps all our boys to develop the key skills, attributes and characteristics to be happy and successful not only during their time in the Prep School but as they move up to the Upper School and life beyond.  

Over the coming weeks, the boys will explore the theme of responsibility in an age-appropriate manner; looking at self-discipline, leadership, global citizenship – taking an active role in the world around them, negotiation, self-reflection and independent organisation. We hope that you agree that these are all excellent skills to learn and develop and that they will be invaluable throughout your son’s life. 

For example this week, as part of Study Skills week, the boys in Y5 to Y8 have been learning about ‘Independent Organisation: why it is important and how they can help themselves to be organised. Top tips included:

  1. Write ‘to-do’ lists, or use a diary
  2. Plan ahead
  3. Organise your space
  4. Prioritise
  5. Set goals and deadlines
  6. Just do it! (or at the very least, get started)


We hope that you will start to see your son putting these skills and techniques into practice over the coming weeks and months. 

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