Ancient Greece was the destination for our Y3 boys on Wednesday 16 June. Dressed to play their part as Greek boys or warriors, the boys joined Penelaus from Sparta aka Ian Weston (Portals to the Past) on a fantastic and funny whistle-stop tour of this classic ancient civilisation.

In the morning, the boys played Stomachion (reputed to have been created by Archimedes of Greece) and Pettia (a Greek strategy game). They researched numerous areas of Greek civilisation, including religion and Greek philosophers, to expand their understanding of this exciting time and place in history. 

In the afternoon, it was Greek arms and armour, war, blood and gore and the Olympics – including fun team events of skill for the boys who competed against each other, representing the ancient cities of Sparta and Athens.  

Did you know? 

The Olympics not only included fantastic sporting events such as running, javelin throwing, the Greek equivalent to Formula 1: chariot racing, but it also offered competitors the chance to become Olympic medallists in poetry. How very forward-thinking!

I liked it when Ian told us the story about how the Athenian Army did their battle stance. It was funny because they stood in a silly way.

Quba Thomas

I learned that the Greeks had a special ‘V’ formation in battle with the stronger soldiers on either side.

Gabe Stone

I liked solving the quiz questions and searching for the answers and we used our brains to find the information boards with the answers.

Oscar Goodeve

I liked it when we did the mini Olympics and threw the foam rockets

Jack Efe Taylor


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